Australian Contract Mining (ACM) has Raise Hole Boring capability having taken delivery of a new 34 R.H.W Raise Bore and Box Hole drilling machine.
This machine is capable of a 600 metre long, 1.5 metre diameter, raise-bored hole – or more conventionally is used for 50 metre long, 1.5 metre escape-way systems.
This unique machine is also able to carry out blind box hole boring for slot raises up to 90 metres high. For your next raise boring project Australian Contract Mining.

Robbins Raise Drills
The Robbins 34RH is a low profile and small diameter raise drill, ideal for slot raises, back filling and narrow vein-mining applications.

This multi purpose and light weight raise drill, can be used for downreaming and upward box-hole boring as well as conventional raise boring.

Features & Benefits

  • The hydraulic drive, features variable speed and good torque limiting control
  • Rigid crosshead guide columns provide efficient torque reaction
  • The entire drive train features a hollow center, enabling efficient transmission of any flushing media to clear the pilot hole
  • Designed to use 8 or 10 inch drill pipe
  • A slide open worktable facilitates downreaming or boxholing applications
  • Telescopic cylinders create high thrust in a low profile
  • Small footprint requires a smaller drilling pad and fewer tie down bolts
  • A unique drilling platform eliminates the need for a concrete pad

ACM takes delivery of new Atlas Copco Robbins 34RH C W machine
The raise drill will be initially deployed at Avoca’s new 170,000oz per annum Trident underground gold mine at Higginsville in WA’s Eastern Goldfields. Get the full story .