Surface Diamond and
   RC Drill Rigs
   Underground Diamond
   Drill Rigs

Australian Contract Mining (ACM) is an experienced surface and underground Diamond and RC drilling contractor and we currently run a fleet of 30 Drill rigs in total.

With regards to Surface Exploration, ACM has 18 rigs of which 6 are Reverse Circulation (RC) and 12 are Diamond, including two (2) Multi-purpose RC/Diamond and 10 Diamond rigs. In addition we have 12 Underground Diamond Drill rigs.

ACM has the capacity to conduct any Surface or Underground Exploration drilling programme regardless of size or complexity. Our drilling fleet can drill RC to 450m and Diamond Drill to 2,000m deep in any sort of terrain including Directional drilling capability.

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Surface Exploration Drilling Fleet
1. Reverse Circulation Drilling
  • KWL 1600 Truck mounted Multi-purpose drill rigs.
  • Capable of Reverse Circulation Drilling to 450m and Diamond Drilling to 1500m.

2. Surface Diamond Drilling

  • LF90D surface rigs suitable for shallow and deep holes up to 900m NQ.

Underground Exploration Drilling Fleet
1. Underground Diamond Drilling
  • Boart Longyear LM75 rigs with the capability of drilling up to 1000m NQ and 500m HQ.
  • Atlas Copco LM75 mobile rigs with a drilling capability of 500m NQ.

Some of our Clients include:

  • Avoca Resources Limited
  • Westgold Resources NL
  • Australian Mines NL
  • Norilsk Nickel Australia Pty Ltd
  • Western Areas NL
  • Apex Minerals NL
  • Reed Resources Ltd
  • Tectonic Resources NL
  • MPI Nickel Pty Ltd
  • Bullseye Anomaly Mining Ltd
  • Pioneer Nickel Ltd
  • Polymetals Australia Pty Ltd
  • Adelaide Resources Ltd
  • Prosperity Resources Ltd
  • Truscott Mining Corporation Limited

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